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Spa & Wellness

Harmony and Esthetic Center

We offer a range of insurance services will help to better enjoy your stay in our hotel:

Hot Stone

Treatment to help improve chronic pain.

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Helps discomforts of back and neck
  • It induces relaxation and reduces stress
  • It has effects similar to a deep massage in less time.

Lymphatic Drainage

It is recommended in the treatment of injury or vascular abnormalities that are accompanied by fluid accumulation in different body sites.

If done properly, you can achieve very positive effects on health status. In fact, it is indicated for acne, migraines, fluid retention, facial edema, rheumatism and cell regeneration.

Aroma Therapy

This therapy is highly successful in the treatment of many ailments muscular, digestive, skin, breathing problems, or simply as relaxants or stimulants, or to combat insomnia and stress.

They are used in:

  • Massage
  • Setting
  • Body creams and ointments

The benefits of a relaxing massage will warn both physically and emotionally: to provide a relaxing feeling dissipate the tensions and stresses of everyday life, which in itself is a desirable advantage.

Deep muscle

This massage works directly the muscles and connective tissue with specific techniques, increase joint mobility and muscle psychosomatic processes unblocking and balancing the vital energy that is directly related to the muscles, organs and emotions.

Among the many benefits it has deep muscle massage can include:

  • Treatment for sore neck, shoulder and back
  • Releases tension
  • Reduce stress
  • Promotes physical and mental relaxation

Relaxing Massage

The rapid pace at which we live and the pressures to which we are subject in different areas of our life (work, home, and relationships), generate tensions that affect us both physically and emotionally, undermining our health in these two important aspects in our life, in physical appearance reflected tensions mainly gastrointestinal problems, joint stiffness and muscle spasms, problems that can be relieved by massage, as this among other things, improves blood circulation, helps body better eliminate toxins, providing flexibility to the joints, and improves muscle tone and internal organs.

Body Exfoliation

It's just a deep cleaning is performed smoothly and provides multiple benefits. For one body cleansing becomes a true cosmetic treatment, on the other, does this deep body cleansing, exfoliating products to apply by gently massaging it prevents skin aging by activating circulation, detoxifies the skin naturally stimulating the different processes removing dead skin cells and other impurities. To remove the layer of dead cells and impurities deposited on the skin also allows a better oxygenation of cells and provides. Ideal for getting a perfect tan.

Deep Cleansing

Actually the battle of deep facial cleansing is against espinillasresultantes blackheads and impurities accumulation of environmental or produced by the body itself. Prevent often requires changes in eating habits to get healthy and balanced daily unadieta.

Hydration Facial

Face Hydration is the best treatment to pamper your face, is a refreshing exfoliation session that will open your pores, cleanse the skin and allow the penetration of all the nutrients and moisturizing mask, and finally the application of a light bulb antioxidant and skin tensioning accompanied by a relaxing facial massage that will leave your skin very soft. The skin consists of 80% water, which is lost daily through evaporation and sweating, are advised to take 4 glasses of water daily and hydrate your skin with products formulated according to the type of skin to keep it hydrated.

Lifting Facial

This treatment helps the tensor smoothing wrinkles.

Beauty Salon

  • Ladies Haircut
  • Knights Haircut
  • Hair colors
  • Spa pedicure
  • Spa manicure
  • Acrylic Nails
  • Braiding
  • Service of massage on the beach